Accessories for sushi equipment

AUTEC roll mat

Professional plastic mat for making sushi maki rolls.

  • Special antibacterial coating
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • You don't need to wrap it into a cellophane film
  • One perforated side, does not slide on table
  • It does not rot like bamboo mats
  • It is much more durable than any analogs on the market

Colors: Brown, Orange, Green
Sizes: 25х16sm., 25х25sm., 25х31sm.

Made in Japan.

AUTEC roll mat, HASEGAWA Makisuplastic mat for sushi

AUTEX lubricant spray

Applying spray on working elements of the machine and trays before operation prevents rice from sticking.

  • The unique mixture minimizes sticking effect
  • It consists of 100% vegetable oil
  • Has no smell and has excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Provides not only lubrication, but also protects against corrosion

Ingredients: Vegetable Oil, Emulgent, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), LPG

AUTEX lubricant spray

Interior content: 480 ml.
5/10 cans in a set

Operator's pedal

Compatible with robots: ASM865 and ASM835.

  • Extension cable included
  • Improves hygiene
  • It isn't necessary to press buttons
  • Can be installed vertically for pressing by a knee
  • The pedal is protected from water

ASM865, ASM835 optional pedal for footswitch control, footswitch

Aluminum plate for rice mats

Compatible with robots: ASM865 and ASM835

  • Special Teflon coating
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • It is much more durable than a plastic plate
  • Different operators can use several plates at the same time
  • Extremely convenient

ASM865, ASM835 optional plate for rice mats


Device for facilitation of wrapping.

  • It is very simple in use
  • The built-in fan opens the package
  • Fixture for packaging envelopes
  • Just place onigiri in the package
  • Remove envelope at the perforation line
Packing onigiri, wrapping onigiri


Packing onigiri, wrapping onigiri

Different sizes and forms, production to order is possible

Packing onigiri, wrapping onigiri

one pack — 1000 envelopes

Hopper cover stand, ASA174

Compatible with robots: ASM410CE, ASM450CE, and ASM545CE.

  • Useful option for continuous work
  • Saves free space
  • Helps to keep a clean workplace
  • Material — SUS304 food steel
  • Sizes — 166x73x160mm
  • Weight is about 0.3 kg, thermal resistance — 70 ℃
Hopper cover stand ASA174

ASA173 small box for rice

Compatible with robots: ASM410CE, ASM450CE, ASM545CE, ASM600CE, and ASM880CE.

  • Convenience of rice addition in the hopper
  • Prevents rice spillage from the hopper
  • Material — polypropylene (PP)
  • Sizes 313x388x150mm
  • Weight is about 0.6 kg, thermal resistance — 70 ℃
ASA173 Rice box

ASA151 rice box

Keeps rice warm for a long time.

  • It can contain 5 trays simultaneously (about 250 nigiri)
  • Special isolation and coating
  • External dimensions: 480x390x240mm
  • Internal dimensions: 385x308x170mm
ASA151 rice box

ASA159 rice tray

5 pallets in a set, compatible with ASA151 box.

  • Each pallet can contain up to 50 sushi rice balls
  • Shock-resistant, easily washed
  • External dimensions 370x300x31mm
  • Internal dimensions 367x294x28mm
ASA159 tray for rice / sushi / nigiri / gunkan

Rice pack

Absorbent sheets for containers.

  • Superabsorbent made of strong material, quickly absorbs steam from rice
  • Rice remains fresh for a long time
  • Easy cleaning of the container because of prevention of rice sticking to the surface
  • Strong material of sheets allows for easy mixing of rice
  • Sizes 410x340x550mm
Rice pack

250 sheets/set
Capacity — 15 kg.
of ready boiled rice

Mold lubricant New Highness

Interior content: 440 ml.
10 cans/set


New Highness

Mold lubricant.

  • Made on the basis of copra oil, has no smell
Hicall sterilizing spray

Interior content: 440 ml.
10 cans/set



Sterilizing spray.

  • First-class natural enzymatic sterilizer
  • Doesn't damage robot's parts
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