ASM230 – universal maki cutter

ASM230 maki sushi cutter for cutting rolls into 6/8/10 pieces

Rolls with rice outside/inside that can be cut with ASM230 cutter

We recommend this model of maki sushi cutter  3-year warranty

Optimal for sushi restaurants and catering. Completely autonomous. This model has kept the best elements of its predecessors — «Put a cutter on the table and forget about problems of cutting rolls, hygiene or qualification of personnel.» It cuts rolls of all sizes and types, including rolls with nori inside — California/Philadelphia rolls.

Made in Japan.

Production capacity: 

Net weight: 
Cutting sizes: 

Cutting width: 


max 500 rolls/hour
on average 400 rolls/hour
11 kg
for 6,8 pieces — 180-185
for 10 pieces — 200-205
cutting into 6 pieces — 30 mm
cutting into 8 pieces — 22,5mm
cutting into 10 pieces — 20 mm

Download a description of ASM230Stainless SUS304: An alloy of SUS304 is the high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel used for external elements of robots and their bodies. Because of the high resistance to corrosion – special finishing of a surface isn't required. With SUS304 alloy, a machine is very easily cleaned and can be kept clean for a long time.

Sushi robots always work well, without days off or the need to pay a salary

  • Optimal choice for sushi restaurants and catering.
  • Safe use of blades with automatic locking mechanism. When a cover is opened – the cutting edges are hidden. Whenever rolls are being cut, the cover is locked.
  • A special form of circular blades cuts uniformly and carefully, without crushing nori.
  • The lock can be removed manually, if necessary.
  • This cutter is portable as it doesn't require a power supply.

Operation manual of ASM230 in English:

Easy to use. For cutting a roll just turn a handle two times.
Easy to use. For cutting a roll just turn a handle two times.
Auto-locking of blades if a cover is opened while putting in or taking out a roll.
Auto-locking of blades if a cover is opened while putting in or taking out a roll.
It's the world's only cutter with brushes for cleaning blades from the stuffing of the previous roll.
It's the world's only cutter with brushes for cleaning blades from the stuffing of the previous roll.
Easy to clean.
Easy to clean.
Very easy assembly and disassembly.
Very easy assembly and disassembly.


ASM230 scheme





What maki cutter
to choose?

ASM250 comparisonASM230 comparison
Name of model ASM250 CE maki electric cutter ASM230 maki manual cutter

Production capacity

 max. 600 rolls/hour
 on average 450 rolls/hour
 max. 500 rolls/hour
 on average 400rolls/hour
Dimensions 360x292x436mm 445x342x348mm
Weight 18 kg 11 kg
Cutting sizesdiameter of roll 25x25-50x50 (mm)
for 4,6,8 pieces — 180-185
for 10 pieces — 200-205
diameter of roll 25x25-50x50 (mm)
for 6,8 pieces — 180-185
for 10 pieces — 200-205
Power consumption 40 W no
- electric
- safety sensors
- a tray with a clamp for rolls
- emergency stop button
- a doubled start button
- there is a pocket for additional blades behind the robot
- easy change of blades
- manual, autonomous
- suitable for catering
- safety locks
- brushes for cleaning blades
- Both of these cutters are suitable for all types of sushi business but, in our opinion, the manual cutter is more easy-to-work with.


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