ASM865CE — universal maki robot

ASM865 maki sushi robot for making rolls with rice outside/inside

Rolls that ASM865 CE maki robot can form, with rice inside or outside

We recommend this model  3-year warranty  Popular model of maki sushi robot

The most popular maki robot! Optimal for sushi restaurants, delivery or take away. This sushi robot can easily and quickly switch between rolls of different diameter. This model has kept the best elements of its predecessors — «Put a robot on the table and forget about problems of standardization, hygiene, and qualification of personnel.» All sizes and types of rolls, including rolls with nori inside — like California/Philadelphia rolls.

Made in Japan.


Net weight: 
Power supply: 
Power consumption: 

max 1200 rolls/hour
on average 700 rolls/hour
33 kg
8.2 kg of rice (60-90 rolls)
AC230V, 50/60Hz
60 W

Download a description of ASM865CEDouble heat-retaining effect - a special coating on the hopper protects the rice and the built-in heating elements keep the sushi rice at a suitable temperature range for a long time.  Non-Teflon: Parts with Teflon coating is not used. No need to worry about delaminating the external coating and harming the equipment or contaminating the food.

With ASM865 robot, there are no more problems forming a rice mat on a sheet of nori.

Examples of maki rolls prepared by sushi machine ASM865 CE, with rice inside or outsideExamples of maki rolls prepared by sushi machine ASM865 CE, with rice inside or outside

Sushi robots always work well, without days off or the need to pay a salary

  • The built-in auto-control system memorizes the chosen length, thickness, height, and density of a rice mat in one of five programs and automatically installs settings from the chosen program. Non-volatile memory.
  • ASM865 only forms a rice mat and does not wrap rolls — that's why this robot is very convenient for restaurants and sushi delivery, where clients order rolls of different diameters. Thus, you don't need to spend any time changing the wrapping-unit’s settings when changing diameter of rolls.
  • 2-4 operators can work with this robot at the same time.
  • This robot easily copes with peak loads when there are lots of orders (holidays/weekends).
  • The robot can form both long rolls (205 mm.) and short rolls (185 mm.), depending on modification.
  • An operator's pedal is optional — it allows the machine to be used very conveniently and hygienically — there is no need to press the buttons with your hands to operate it.
  • Works silently and boasts stylish design and compact size.
  • Self-diagnostic system can easily find problems and give simple recommendations on how to resolve any issues.
  • The special coating of the hopper and heating elements keep rice at an optimal temperature range.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly. Easy to clean. Economy of working hours.
  • The most affordable maki sushi robot and the most popular model from the beginning of deliveries outside of Japan (March 2015). The most sold maki robot in Europe, since spring of 2015. Before the release of ASM865 CE, ASM835 was the most popular model.
  • We recommend this model. It is universal for different types/diameters of rolls and allows for the elimination of the most labor- and time-consuming step – forming of a smooth layer of rice on nori seaweed. Stable quality of rice mats, a chef needs only to put in the stuffing and wrap the roll.

Operation manual of ASM865 CE in English:
  ASM865 CE control panel

The built-in safety sensors nullify any chance of operator injury.
The built-in safety sensors nullify any chance of operator injury.
A pedal helps when an operator works with gloves. Duplicates the Start button. (Optional)
A pedal helps when an operator works with gloves. Duplicates the Start button. (Optional)
Heating function keeps the rice at optimal temperature.
Heating function keeps the rice at optimal temperature.
Auto supply function forms a new rice mat immediately after removing the previous one.
Auto supply function forms a new rice mat immediately after removing the previous one.
Special antibacterial coating, no Teflon.
Special antibacterial coating, no Teflon.
A plate considerably simplifies removal of a ready rice mat.
A plate considerably simplifies removal of a ready rice mat.
Consistent quality of rice mat, very close to perfection.
Consistent quality of rice mat, very close to perfection.
Very easy assembly and disassembly.
Very easy assembly and disassembly.
Easy to clean.
Easy to clean.
You can adjust thickness, height, width, and density of rice mat and then program it as one of your 5 preset programs.
You can adjust thickness, height, width, and density of rice mat and then program it as one of your 5 preset programs.
USB updating.
USB updating.
Compact size and ergonomics.
Compact size and ergonomics.

AUTEC roll mat - a professional plastic roll mat for forming maki sushi rollsFoot switch - the operator's pedal for ASM835, ASM835R, and ASM865 CEAUTEX - special lubricant spray for sushi robotsPick plate - a plate for removing and transferring ready rice mats
roll mat
lubricant spray
Pick plate
for a rice mat

ASM865 CE scheme





What robot
to choose?

ASM880 comparisonASM865 comparison
Name of model ASM880 CE maki robot ASM865 CE maki robot
Productivity max. 600 rolls/hour
 on average 450 rolls/hour
 max. 1200 rolls/hour
 on average 700 rolls/hour
Dimensions 360x551x732mm 348x455x590mm
Weight 50 kg 33 kg
of hopper
 10 kg. of rice (70-110 rolls) 8,2kg. of rice (60-90 rolls)
Power consumption 70 W 60 W
- forming/wrapping
- only forming (possible)
- control of wrap strength
- memorizes settings
- replaceable forms
- 3 programs for each form
- special coating of hopper
- one operator
- rice heating
- only forming
- memorizes settings
- 5 programmable settings
- special coating of hopper
- 1-4 operators
- the highest speed
- operator's pedal (optional)
- magnetic frame of a form
- rice heating
- auto-forming mode
- USB updating
- it is recommended when starting sushi business or for productions (for each diameter of rolls — its own machine) - it is recommended for sushi deliveries, restaurants or take away
- a robot can instantly adapt to different diameters of rolls and provide rice mats for 1-4 chefs at the same time
- some clients use it very effectively in food production


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