ASM880CE — making rolls with rice outside/inside

ASM880 maki sushi robot for making rolls with rice outside/inside

Rolls that ASM880 CE maki robot can form, rice can be on inside or outside

We recommend this model  3-year warranty

Optimal for starting sushi business and sushi production. After an hour of practice, even a school student would be able to make sushi rolls comparable to a sushi chef. It works on a principle — «Put a robot on the table and forget about problems of standardization, hygiene, and qualification of personnel». All sizes and types of rolls, including rolls with nori inside — like California/Philadelphia rolls.

Made in Japan.


Net weight: 
Power supply: 
Power consumption: 

max. 600 rolls/hour
on average 450 rolls/hour
50 kg
10 kg of rice (70-110 rolls)
AC230V, 50Hz
70 W

Download a description of ASM880CEDouble heat-retaining effect - a special coating on the hopper protects the rice and the built-in heating elements keep the sushi rice at a suitable temperature range for a long time.  Non-Teflon: Parts with Teflon coating is not used. No need to worry about delaminating the external coating and harming the equipment or contaminating the food.

This video shows the Japanese modification. The overseas models are fully labeled in English.

Examples of maki rolls made using sushi machine ASM880 CE, with rice inside or outsideExamples of maki rolls made using sushi machine ASM880 CE, with rice inside or outside

Sushi robots always work well, without days off or the need to pay a salary

  • An optimal choice for starting sushi business and for cities with lacking qualified sushi chefs.
  • A good choice for big conveyor productions of sushi sets.
  • The built-in system of automatic control memorizes the chosen thickness, length, position, and density of rice mats and also wrap strength of rolls in one of three programs and automatically installs settings from the chosen program. Each form (wrapping-unit) can have three programs (so 5 forms = total 15 programs). Non-volatile memory.
  • When enabled, a robot reads a tag of installed form and automatically adjusts parameters set for this form.
  • ASM880 can make rolls with a length up to 205 mm.
  • The Self-diagnostic system can easily find the source of problems and give simple recommendations about how to resolve these problems.
  • The special coating of the hopper and heating elements keep rice at an optimal temperature range for food safety.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly. Easy to clean. Economy of working hours.

Operation manual of ASM880 CE in English:


ASM880 CE scheme

Name of form
Dimensions of roll (mm)Nori seaweed size (mm)Approximate weight of roll
SmallS25 x 25 x 185103 x 18570-90gr.
MediumM35 x 35 x 185150-165 x 185120-150gr.
LargeL45 x 45 x 185188-208 x 185200-270gr.
Yoko MediumYM35 x 35 x 205150-165 x 205130-160gr.
Yoko LargeYL45 x 45 x 205185 x 205220-300gr.
* Weight of ready rolls varies depending on amount of ingredients and condition of rice.





What robot
to choose?

ASM880 comparisonASM865 comparison
Name of model ASM880 CE maki robot ASM865 CE maki robot
Productivity max. 600 rolls/hour
 on average 450 rolls/hour
 max. 1200 rolls/hour
 on average 700 rolls/hour
Dimensions 360x551x732mm 348x455x590mm
Weight 50 kg 33 kg
of hopper
 10 kg. of rice (70-110 rolls) 8,2kg. of rice (60-90 rolls)
Power consumption 70 W 60 W
- forming/wrapping
- only forming (possible)
- control of wrap strength
- memorizes settings
- replaceable forms
- 3 programs for each form
- special coating of hopper
- one operator
- rice heating
- only forming
- memorizes settings
- 5 programmable settings
- special coating of hopper
- 1-4 operators
- the highest speed
- operator's pedal (optional)
- magnetic frame of a form
- rice heating
- auto-forming mode
- USB updating
- it is recommended when starting sushi business or for productions (for each diameter of rolls — its own machine) - it is recommended for sushi deliveries, restaurants or take away
- a robot can instantly adapt to different diameters of rolls and provide rice mats for 1-4 chefs at the same time
- some clients use it very effectively in food production


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