Hygienic documentation for sushi and rolls

Our clients have ready sets of hygienic documents for making sushi (restaurant/shop/take-away/delivery/food production formats), and they are ready to sell them to other (noncompetitive) regions. Contact us!

Storage at temperature of +2, +6
In case of humidity no more than 75%
Expiration date — 48-240 hours


  • maguro nigiri sushi (tuna)
  • sake nigiri sushi (salmon)
  • ebi nigiri sushi (shrimp)
  • ika nigiri sushi (squid)
  • sake spicy nigiri sushi (spicy salmon)
  • spicy maguro nigiri sushi (spicy tuna)
  • unagi nigiri sushi (eel)
  • tamagoyaki nigiri sushi (omelette)
  • tako nigiri sushi (octopus)
  • hamachi nigiri sushi (yellowtail)
  • hotate gai nigiri sushi (scallop)
  • ama ebi nigiri sushi (sweet shrimp)
  • izumi dai nigiri sushi
  • sake maki sushi (salmon)
  • kappamaki maki sushi (cucumber)
  • maki sushi with salmon skin
  • ikura maki sushi (salmon caviar)
  • ika maki sushi (squid)
  • tekkamaki maki sushi (tuna)
  • unagi maki maki-sushi (eel)
  • tamago yaki maki sushi (omelette)
  • shogun maki sushi (omelette, salmon, tobiko)
  • sekai sake maki sushi (salmon)
  • tamago yaki maki sushi (omelette, tobiko)
  • nippon surimi maki sushi (crab meat)
  • nippon tamago maki sushi (omelette)
  • nippon sake maki sushi (salmon)
  • sekai tamago maki sushi (omelette, tobiko)
  • chicken maki sushi
  • agi maki sushi
  • vegetarian maki sushi
  • greek maki sushi
  • yin yang maki sushi
  • sekai maki (omelette and wasabiko)
  • california ura maki sushi (crab meat with avocado)
  • philadelphia ura maki sushi (salmon with avocado)
  • fuji ura maki sushi (tuna)
  • ura maki surimi sushi (tobiko, crab meat)
  • ura maki tamago yaki sushi (omelette, wasabiko)
  • ura maki sake sushi (salmon)
  • temaki negitoro sushi (chopped tuna)
  • temaki ikura sushi (salmon caviar with avocado)
  • california temaki sushi (shrimp, caviar, avocado)
  • philadelphia temaki sushi (salmon with cheese and avocado)
  • alaska ura maki sushi
  • ura maki sushi (eel in sesame)
  • ura maki ebi sushi
  • ura maki spice sushi
  • unagi onigara ura maki sushi
  • guro yucca ura maki sushi
  • green ura maki sushi
  • ika sashimi (squid)
  • maguro sashimi (tuna)
  • tako sashimi (octopus)
  • unagi sashimi (eel)
  • sake sashimi (salmon)
  • hamachi sashimi (yellowtail)
  • hotate gai sashimi (scallop)
  • amaebi sashimi (sweet shrimp)
  • additional garnish for Japanese snacks
  • wasabi Japanese mustard
  • pickled ginger
  • sets (list)
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