Cooked by sushi robots:

Maki sushi rolls

Yaki spice maki
Roll with fresh salmon, tomago omelette and cucumber, baked in Yaki and Spicy sauce

Ebi Yaki maki
Roll with cream cheese and fresh cucumber, baked in tiger shrimp sauce and masago

Shiitake Yaki
Roll with cream cheese, fresh tuna, cucumber and tomato, baked in garlic sauce Shiitaki

Shiitake sake maki
Roll with salmon, omelette tomago, garlic and Shiitake

Chuka maki
Roll with chuka sald and nut sauce

Chakin ikura maki
Roll in cream sauce, wrapped in Chakin pancake and strewed by salmon caviar

Boiled chicken fillet, tomato, lettuce, Caesar sauce

Philadelphia Yaki
Roll with tiger shrimp, cucumber and cream cheese, wrapped in cooled salmon and baked in Yaki sauce

Philadelphia with eel
Roll with cream cheese, wrapped in smoked eel. Served with Unagi sauce and white sesame seeds

Philadelphia with shrimp
Roll with fried breaded shrimp, mayonnaise and tobiko, wrapped in salmon on 3 sides

Roll with cream cheese, wrapped in salmon

Philadelphia Lava
Roll with cream cheese, wrapped in salmon and cooked in Lava sauce

Philadelphia in batter
Roll with fresh salmon and cream cheese

Unagi maki
Roll with eel and fresh cucumber, cooked with Unagi sauce and white sesame seeds

Baked tortilla
Cheese tortilla, bacon, cream cheese, chop meat and tomato, baked in cheese sauce

Tori Chakin Maki
Roll with chicken and cucumber, wrapped in Chakin pancake. Cooked in gauda and becon sauce

Tomato maki
Roll with feta and tomato

Tomago maki
Classical roll with Japanese omelette (Tomago)

Tokyo maki
Roll with cream cheese, smoked salmon and bunch onion

Tempura sake
Fried roll with cream cheese, salmon, tomato, greenery

Tempura roll
Roll with ginger, fresh salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese

Taj Mahal
Roll with cream cheese, tiger shrimp, Bono Mongo squid, cooked in tobiko and Yaki sauce

Sake maki
Classical roll with fresh salmon and wasabi

Skin maki
Roll with feta, grilled salmon jacket, fresh cucumber and bunch onion, strewed by black and white sesame seeds

SiaStar Yaki Maki
Roll with cream cheese and fantastic sauce of eel, shrimp, crab surimi and masago

Lava with shrimp
Roll with tiger shrimp and cream cheese, served in Lava sauce

Roll with cream cheese and fresh cucumber, baked in flavoured eel and tiger shrimp sauce, strewed by bunch onion

Roll with cream cheese and salmon, served in Lava sauce

Lava mix
Roll with salmon, crab surimi, cream cheese, tomato, served in Lava sauce

Kapa mix
Classical roll with cucumber

California with shrimp (night)
Roll with tiger shrimp, black rice, fresh cucumber, orange caviar (Tobiko), and spicy sauce

Kaesi Yaki maki
Roll with mussels, cream cheese, tobiko and white sesame seeds, baked in flavoured spicy cheese sauce

Baked Unagi maki
Roll with eel, baked in sauce of cream cheese and crab surimi

Baked Lava
Cream cheese, salmon, baked in scallop sauce

Baked California
Classical California, baked in Yaki sauce

Fried Caesar
Fried roll with chicken fillet and lettuce, served in tomato sauce

Roll with three kinds of Tobiko caviar, sesame seeds, garlic, mussels and cooled salmon

Danto roll
Roll with chicken fillet and lettuce, served in cucumber and tomato sauce

Roll with feta, cucumber, tomato, lettuce and white sesame seeds

Chicken fillet, fried in Panko, pineapple and spicy sauce, strewed by walnut

Roll with mussels, salmon, cucumber and cream cheese, served in spicy sauce

Roll with tuna, Japanese omelette Tomago, cucumber, lettuce and wasabico sauce

Beb maki
Fine combination of tiger shrimp and cream cheese, baked in Beb sauce

Becon cheese maki
Fried roll with smoked becon, cream cheese, and Gauda cheese

Becon tempura
Roll with becon and Spicy sauce

Akanasu maki
Roll with chicken fillet, cream cheese, tomato, and garlic

Pepper roll
Roll with sweet pepper and feta

Kani roll
Roll with Cremette cheese and snow crab meat

Avocado roll
Classical roll with avocado

Unagi roll (without sesame seeds)
Roll with eel and fresh cucumber, served in Unagi sauce

Maguro maki
Classical roll with tuna

Roll with cream cheese, salmon, lettuce, cooked in sauce of mayonnaise, tobiko, fresh cucumbers and tiger shrimp

Sensai kani
Roll with crab and chinese cabbage, cooked in spicy sauce

Spicy roll with shrimp, marinaded ginger and avocado, served in Spicy sauce

Retasu sake
Roll with cream cheese, cucumber and salmon, cooked in sauce of mayonnaise, tobiko, and snow crab

Philadelphia takuan
Roll with cream cheese and takuan, wrapped in cooled salmon

Roll with crab surimi, avocado and mayonnaise, topped with orange tobiko

Roll with cream cheese, wrapped in cooled salmon

Shiso roll
Fried in Panko roll with feta, cucumber and chinese cabbage, served with sour cream sauce with anchovies, capers, gherkins, mustard, and greenery

Roll with mayonnaise, crab, Tamago omelette, fried in Panko

Roll with mussels and cream cheese, baked in classical Yaki sauce with mayonnaise and tobiko

Salmon Yaki
Roll with grilled salmon jacket, fresh cucumber and tomato, baked in Caesar sauce

Philadelphia negi lemon
Classical Philadelphia lite with bunch onion and a piece of lemon

Philadelphia Ebi
Roll Philadelphia Ebi with cream cheese, tobiko and shrimp, wrapped in salmon

Unagi chuka maki lite
Roll unagi chuka maki with Cremette cheese, chuka, tobiko and bunch onion, served with eel pieces, nut sauce, and white sesame seeds

Canadian black
Canadian roll with fresh salmon, Cremette cheese, bunch onion and cucumber, served with eel pieces, Unagi sauce, and black sesame seeds

Yonaka roll
Roll with smoked chicken, cucumber, cream cheese and tobiko

Hiashi unagi
Roll with eel, chuka salad and cream cheese

Hotate karai
Roll with spicy scallop, salmon and avocado

Mexican roll
Roll with Tempura shrimp, cucumber, and tobiko

Ovara roll
Roll with fried salmon jacket, cucumber, tobiko, and sesame seeds

Kunsei beacon
Roll with smoked salmon, beacon, cucumber, and cream cheese

Unagi urunaki
Roll with eel, salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, and sesame seeds

Okinava roll
Roll with Tempura shrimp, cucumber, cream cheese, and tobiko

Sake tempura
Roll with salmon, Tempura shrimp, cucumber, tobiko, and wasabi

Dragon roll
Roll with eel, avocado, cream cheese, and tobiko

Geisha roll
Roll with scallop and tobiko

Unagi roll
Roll with eel

Tekka roll
Roll with tuna

Sake roll
Roll with salmon

Avocado roll
Roll with avocado

Kappa roll
Roll with cucumber

Roll with salmon, cucumber, avocado, and cream cheese

California hamachi
Roll with yellowtail, mango, cucumber, and tobiko

California hot
Warm roll with crab meat, avocado, cucumber and tobiko

Sake california
Roll with salmon, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko

Roll with crab, avocado, cucumber, and tobiko

Sake wasabi
Roll with salmon, avocado cream cheese and Wasabi-lime sauce

Unami roll
Roll with salmon and smoked eel, baked in cheese sauce with scallop

Hot dragon
Roll with smoked eel, avocado, cream cheese and scallop sauce

Hitomi roll
Roll with snow crab, eel, omelette, and Unagi sauce

Kani Khotto
Roll with crab meat, avocado, and tobiko

Kaguvase roll
Roll with fried salmon, cream cheese, and basil

Italian roll
Roll with smoked eel and four kinds of cheeses

Ebi nivatori
Roll with shrimp, smoked chicken, rocca salad, cucumber, sesame seeds, and Unagi sauce

Kai hotate
Roll with scallop, Iceberg lettuce, tobiko, and Unagi sauce

Sake niro
Roll with salmon, cream cheese, and tobiko

Yaki hamachi
Roll with fried yellowtail, lettuce, cucember, cream cheese, spicy sauce, and sesame seeds

Unagi tori
Roll with smoked eel and chicken, red caviar, avocado, cream cheese, Unagi sauce and sesame seeds

Kanayama roll
Roll with tempura shrimp, Iceberg, cucumber, tobiko, cheese-garlic sauce and sesame seeds

Otori roll
Roll with tempura rockfish, cucumber, tobiko, and tuna chips

Roll with eel, cucumber, Tobiko, sesame seeds, tonkatsu and Unagi sauce

Roll with smoked and fresh salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, tobiko and Unagi sauce

Roll with seared salmon, eel and cream cheese

Roll with salmon, avocado, tonkatsu and sesame seeds

Roll with crab meat, salmon and tobiko

Roll with salmon, eel, avocado, cream cheese and fried onion

California Yum
Roll with tempura shrimp, Tobiko, cucumber, tonkatsu, cilantro, Unagi and Tom-yum sauce

California kami
Roll with crab meat, salmon, avocado, cucumber and tobiko, wrapped in rice paper

California royal
Roll with crab meat, avocado and tobiko

California ebi
Roll with shrimp, avocado, mango and tobiko

California hamachi
Roll with yellowteil, mango, cucumber and tobiko

Unagi double cheese
Rice, eel, double portion of curd cheese, cucumber

Rice, eel, crab, Japanese omelette, curd cheese, sesame seeds, cucumber, Unagi sauce

Very tasty roll
Rice, a lot of salmon, curd cheese, cucumber

Rice, salmon, prawns, cream cheese, spicy sauce, cucumber

Rice, salmon, ginger, flying fish caviar, curd cheese

Rice, salmon, chuka salad, curd cheese

Cheese salmon
Rice, salmon, big portion of curd cheese

Joe black
Rice, dollarfish, tomago, cucumber, flying fish caviar, spicy sauce

Rice, flying fish caviar, curd cheese, salmon, cucumber

Salmon cheese
Rice, salmon, cucumber, curd cheese

Green roll
Rice, nori, dill, curd cheese, salmon, cucumber, bunch onion

Rice, curd cheese, cucumber, crunchy salmon, spicy sauce, batter

Rice, curd cheese, cucumber, crunchy salmon, tomato, batter, bulb onion, spicy sauce

Caesar roll
Rice, ham, lettuce, tomato, tomago and caesar sauce, sesame seeds

Baked roll Red salmon
Rice, salmon, shrimp, masago, cucumber, curd cheese, spicy sauce, Parmesan

Baked roll with fine chicken and eel
Rice, fine chicken fillet, eel, cucumber, cream cheese, spicy sauce, flying fish caviar, parmesan

Baked roll with mussels
Rice, nori, black masago, mussels, cheese, cucumber, crab, bunch onion, spicy sauce, parmesan

Baked roll with salmon and cheese
Rice, fried salmon, cucumber, curd cheese, parmesan cheese, spicy sauce

Baked roll with salmon and brined cucumbers
Rice, salmon, brined cucumber, cream cheese, spicy sauce, parmesan

Baked roll with salmon in sesame seeds
Rice, salmon, sesame seeds, cucumber, spicy sauce, parmesan

Baked roll Caesar
Rice, chicken, tomato, lettuce, sesame seeds, Caesar sauce, parmesan

Baked roll Guerrilla
Rice, nori, fried salmon jacket, tomato, cheese, bunch onion, spicy sauce, parmesan

Sea crunch
Rice, eel, prawns, spicy sauce, cream cheese, curd cheese

Shrimp crunch
Rice, tiger shrimps, salmon, curd cheese, spicy sauce

Home crunch
Rice, salmon, creem cheese, pickled cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, bunch onion

Cream crunch
Rice, salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, spicy sauce

Inari and gunkan sushi

Chuka sushi
Sushi gunkan with marinaded seeweed and nut sauce

Gunkan with red caviar

Spicy kani
Gunkan sushi with crab

Spicy unagi
Gunkan sushi with eel

Sake ikura sushi
Gunkan with fresh salmon, red caviar, and cream cheese

Kaesi sushi
Sushi gunkan with mussels and spicy sauce

Spicy ebi
Gunkan sushi with shrimp

Gunkan sushi with chuka salad and nut sauce

Gunkan sushi with crab

Spicy hotate
Gunkan sushi with scallop

Spicy hamachi
Gunkan sushi with yellowtail

Spicy maguro
Gunkan sushi with tuna

Spicy nivatori
Gunkan sushi with smoked eel and chicken

Gunkan sushi with tobiko

Spicy sake
Gunkan sushi with salmon

Inari unagi
Inari sushi with eel

Inari sake
Inari sushi with salmon

Karui kani
Gunkan sushi with crab, cucumber and tobiko

Sake kappa sushi
Spicy gunkan with fresh salmon and spicy sauce, wrapped in cucumber

Tuna kappa sushi
Spicy gunkan with fresh tuna, wrapped in cucumber

Ebi kappa sushi
Spicy gunkan with tiger shrimp and spicy sauce, wrapped in cucumber

Nigiri sushi

Sushi nigiri with eel

Sushi nigiri with yellowtail

Sake Kogase
Sushi nigiri with seared salmon

Sushi nigiri with avocado

Hotategai sushi
Sushi nigiri with scallop

Sushi nigiri with salmon

Sushi nigiri with shrimp

Sake kunsei
Sushi nigiri with smoked salmon

Sushi nigiri with tuna
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