Maki robots for cooking sushi rolls

Usually when making sushi rolls, the sushi chef takes ready-made rice and approximates the amount needed, often making a big error in weight. Then the sushi chef spends about 30-60 seconds forming a rice mat on a piece of seaweed (sushi chefs with no experience — takes longer forming a rice mat), adds a stuffing, and wraps a roll. As a result, different sushi chefs make rolls of different shapes and weights, and have trouble managing orders on peak workload days (weekends, New Year and others).

Using maki robots:
1) You can keep one sushi chef for cooking complicated dishes and employ less qualified and less expensive personnel for cooking popular sushi dishes.
2) When you turn the robot on for the first time — you can adjust it under 5 different types of maki rolls and then always prepare rolls of the same size, shape, and weight.
3) The robot spends about 5-12 seconds making one roll. You will always cope with orders on peak workload days and you will not lose your clients.

ASM880 maki sushi robot for cooking rolls with rice inside/outside
450-600 rolls per hour
Optimal for beginners in sushi
business and sushi production.
ASM865CE - Universal maki robot
700-1200 rice mats per hour
The most popular maki robot!
Ideal for sushi restaurants, delivery
and take away (sushi shop).
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