Mixers for cooking sushi rice

The next step after boiling the rice is to mix it with vinegar and additives (sometimes preservatives). At this step, we need to break up rice lumps to uniform mass and cool down to the suitable temperature for sushi chef's hands. The sushi rice mixer combines all these steps with itself.
1) A person mixes rice unevenly, depending on their mood and usually there is badly mixed rice with some lumps on the sides of the tub. The mixer, on the contrary, always mixes rice evenly.
2) The cycle takes 3-4 minutes instead of 40-50 minutes.
3) The mixer can be used as a thermos.

At the mixing step, it is possible to add preservatives to rice. Using the proper package and storage temperature — the sell-by date can be extended to 10 days without freezing. Upon purchase of the equipment, we can provide you technical support in this question and share the successful experiences of our clients.

ASM730CE – compact sushi rice mixer
3,6-7,2 kg / 3-5 min
The most popular sushi rice mixer!
Optimal for sushi restaurants, delivery and take away.
ASM780CE big industrial sushi rice mixer
7-14 kg / 3-5 min
Ideal for big sushi restaurants,
big delivery and big production.
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