Delivery options for sushi equipment

Delivery of equipment to customers in European Union:
Transport sushi robots (machines) by air or sea

1. Delivery from the AUTEC factory to our warehouse by sea (up to 45 days) or air (usually 2-5 days)

2. Customs clearance (usually 2-3 days)

3. Put in the warehouse

Transport sushi robots (machines) by auto or sea

1. Negotiations with the client about type of delivery from the warehouse

2. Sending equipment to customer by car transport company (usually 2-7 days) or air (Express) cargo

3. Education, commissioning — if necessary (1-2 days)

* 80% -90% of the time we send the equipment from our warehouse by truck, but sometimes customers need to receive the product quickly or over a long distance — in this case, air delivery is used.

Popular models are usually available in our warehouse — in this case, we send the equipment to the client directly from the warehouse. Popular models are marked by a badge:

Popular model of sushi robot

Delivery of the equipment to clients in other countries:
Transport sushi robots (machines) by air or sea

1. Direct delivery from the factory to a client by sea (up to 45 days) or air (2-5 days)

2. The customs clearance is performed by the client or through an agent

3. Training, commissioning works — if necessary (1-2 days)

* If a client needs to receive the equipment quicker or over a long distance — delivery by air is used.

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