Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions about sushi robots and kaiten conveyors

1. Before buying:

  • How can I get current prices?
    The fastest way to get our price list for sushi-robots is to fill out the request form (on the right side of the page you can find the red marker «Price List Request»). You will usually receive a response within an hour. By the phone, you can get only technical support.
    If you want to calculate the cost of a kaiten conveyor belt, please fill out the form on the page «Calculation request».

  • How can I get a catalog?
    We suggest you download our catalogs:
    Catalog of sushi-robots
    Catalog of kaiten conveyors

  • Where can I see sushi-robots and kaiten conveyors in work?
    You can see our equipment directly from our clients in different cities — in cafés, chain restaurants, sushi shops or production facilities (sometimes our clients are happy to show off their production and work). Among them, there are a lot of regional brands of chain restaurants and sushi delivery. Moreover, it is possible to see equipment and small demo kaiten conveyors in our showrooms. Visit us, and we will show you the whole range of equipment or visit our channel on YouTube.

  • How long can I use this equipment?
    The average lifespan of sushi-robot is about 8-12 years, and of kaiten conveyors, it’s about 8-20 years — it depends on maintenance and careful cleaning. Actually, our clients who have equipment that was produced between 1990-1995, report that it is still works properly.

  • Can I buy secondhand robots?
    Sometimes, when our client’s purchase new equipment under our Trade-in offer, we get used robots. We provide pre-sale preparation, full check, and then offer the equipment for sale on the page «Secondhand equipment».

  • Why the Japanese sushi-robots are more expensive than the Korean and Chinese equipment?
    AUTEC has more than thirty years of experience in the sushi industry of different countries and different regional specifics. We have passed the stage of equipment modernization, and now focus on achieving quality/speed. All AUTEC robots perfectly handle their tasks and provide the highest possible speed of preparation. Over the last 10 years, AUTEC’s engineers have worked to increase ergonomics, automation of human labor, and ease of use.
    Modern Korean and Chinese robots are rough copies of the Japanese sushi-robots of 1990s-2000s. Small family-run Korean manufacturers have no money to introduce advanced materials, electronics with sensors, systems to preserve safe rice heat, programmable operating modes, motion algorithms of shafts for different sizes of sushi and rolls.
    We have seen a lot of examples where clients wanted to save money and bought the Korean sushi-robots, and then in 1-2 weeks put them on a shelf and tried to re-sell them. Sometimes we help these clients and buy such equipment for 15-20% of cost, using the Trade-in offer (if the client buys our sushi-robot set or a kaiten conveyor).
    There is a saying among distributors of sushi-robots from different countries: «A client buys Korean sushi-robot only once».
    On the Internet, you won’t find positive reviews about the Korean equipment, but you can find a lot of positive reviews about AUTEC equipment. To buy AUTEC sushi-robots is a good and safe investment.

  • How can I make sure I make the right choice of sushi equipment?
    The table of recommended equipment for your business is attached to the price list. You shouldn't neglect these recommendations, as they are based on experience of our clients. There are distinctions in different countries, and we always try to pay attention to them. It is in our interests to have a satisfied client because in this case he will expand a business and recommend us to his partners.

  • I want to buy a sushi-robot under the Trade-in program in exchange for my old AUTEC sushi-robot or a robot of other brand.
    The answer to this question depends on the condition of the equipment. For example, sushi-robots from a restaurant and a factory will differ in 1-2 years.
    Anyway, we will be able to offer a larger sum for old AUTEC equipment than for trade-in of other brands.

2. Buying:

  • What are the main steps of buying a sushi-robot?
    1) Once you have chosen the equipment and accessories from our price list — you send us an email with your order and details for invoice. In the order, it is also necessary to specify the delivery location and the preferred method of transportation (road/air).
    2) We send you the invoice for a payment and delivery information. If necessary, we will send you pro forma Invoice, contract or tax Invoice.
    3) If the equipment is in our warehouse and ready to be shipped — you pay 100% of the cost. In case of the product being out of stock in the warehouse — you pay 70% and 30% (after arrival at customs or our warehouse). When you want to lease — the scheme may be different.
    4) After sending the equipment from our warehouse — we provide you the tracking number provided by the transport company so that you can get updates on your delivery.
    5) Included with the equipment you will receive a set of detailed technical instructions in different languages (you can also check it on our website). If you still need training (you have to pay transportation and accommodation costs), then our specialist can come to help you.

  • What are the main steps of buying kaiten conveyor?
    1) Once you have chosen a type of kaiten conveyor, its design and accessories — you send us email with your order and details for invoice. In the order, it is also necessary to specify the delivery location and the preferred method of transportation (road/air).
    2) We send you the invoice for payment and delivery information. Also, we duplicate technical specifications for the place where you are installing the kaiten conveyor (floor level, tabletop and other tolerances). If necessary, we will send you pro forma Invoice, contract or tax Invoice.
    3) Kaiten conveyors are always produced individually according to the client's order — usually you pay 70% and 30% (when the kaiten conveyor would be ready). If you want to lease — the scheme may be different.
    4) After sending the kaiten conveyor from our warehouse — we provide you with a tracking number provided by the transport company so that you can get updates on your delivery.
    5) If the restaurant is ready for the installation of the kaiten conveyor — our engineers will come at the same time with the equipment. If our client needs to postpone the installation (e.g., repair of a restaurant isn't completed) — our engineers may come later. Usually, we arrange all details in advance and don't have any difficulties.
    6) The installation usually takes one day in case of standard small and medium kaiten conveyors and 2-3 days in case of difficult constructions and long length. After installing, you will receive a set of detailed instruction on how to use the kaiten conveyors in the desired language.

  • When can I get the equipment, if I have made a payment?
    Sushi-robots marked in the catalog as popular are always available in our warehouse. In case they are out of stock from our warehouse — delivery date (and a customs clearance, if necessary) takes 5-60 working days from Japan by sea or air. In December, January, and March delivery of the equipment from the factory takes more time because of the increased number of orders and queue.
    Production time of kaiten conveyors depends on level of complexity and usually takes 2-10 weeks. The complexity of kaiten conveyors in ascending order: classical, magnetic, express, water.
    «Door-to-door» delivery of the equipment by transport company is usually effectuated by road, in case of urgent delivery or long distance — by air. Delivery from the factory directly to the client is also available.

  • Can I purchase the equipment by installment or on credit?
    We are not a banking company, that's why we don't provide any loans; however, we have partnerships with several big leasing companies and are ready to provide any necessary documents for your leasing company. In general, about 20%-30% of our equipment is purchased by leasing.

3. Delivery:

  • How is delivery handled from your warehouse?
    In the European Union, North Africa, and the Arab countries, we usually use transport company DHL or a similar carrier or other preferred by the client. In the countries of the Customs Union — «Trade lines» (PEK or Energy).
    Sometimes it is possible to deliver the equipment directly from the factory. For more information, please read «Delivery».

  • When I receive the equipment, what should I pay attention to?
    It is necessary to check the package for any damage and integrity and if possible to check the weight. Sometimes the cargo can be heavy and, in this case, you need a lift truck. Please, specify the cargo dimensions in transport documents before receiving the cargo. In our practice, we have an example, when the box with the kaiten conveyor of 1.5 tones was bigger than the covered truck (at the top, the width of the vehicle cover was smaller than at the bottom, but production engineer had checked only the bottom width).
    Please keep the original package after unpacking of sushi-robots. Without the package, you may damage or scratch the equipment while transporting.

4. After-sales service:

  • What warranty do you provide for the equipment?
    All our sushi-robots have a one-year warranty from the date of sale. This warranty covers the cost of details and maintenance (except for normal wear and tear of components). The damage of equipment caused by voluntary waste or negligence isn't covered by warranty.
    Kaiten conveyors are also covered by warranty, on condition that our engineers install it, and you periodically clean it according to the attached maintenance instructions. We are confident that, with proper cleaning, a kaiten conveyor can work for more than 15 years.

  • Can I buy the extended warranty?
    Yes, we offer the extended warranty «Autec Care» — for 7% of the equipment cost. In this case, we extend the warranty period for 2 years. Thus, in total you can extend it for 3 years! The decision of warranty extension should be made in the space of a month after the date of sale.

Extended warranty 3 years AUTEC CARE

  • What should I do if I need maintenance of the equipment?
    AUTEC sushi-robots have a well-designed self-diagnostic functionality. If the screen shows the error number «EE …» — most likely something isn't properly assembled and you can solve the problem just using the maintenance instruction, where you can find detailed descriptions of the error codes. The maintenance instruction of kaiten conveyors also contains the information about typical mistakes. 90-95% of problems can be solved just by using the attached instruction in our experience.
    If you cannot find the description of your problem in the instruction — you can contact our technical support by phone, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or e-mail (sometimes we need some photos and videos). Contact information can be found in the instruction or in «Contacts» on our website. Pay attention, please, to help you we need the name of the model, the serial number (back side of the robot), and a detailed description of the problem. Our company isn't heavily staffed because the equipment doesn't break. However, if you need our support in your restaurant/factory/etc. — we have qualified engineers who can arrive in case of need.

  • How is repair service provided?
    We understand that your business often depends on proper operation of our equipment. Confirmed information about the failure is a rare situation for us and we always try to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
    After determining the cause of the failure, our engineer will begin to solve the problem. We have in our warehouse small parts, which our clients often lose, as well as silicone pads, knives, filters, and other. If you need spare parts, which are not available in our warehouse — we can quickly remove necessary parts from our demonstration equipment. Delivery of spare parts is also available by DHL (EMS, FedEx) from Japan.

  • What is the procedure for non-warranty and post-warranty repair service?
    The speed of warranty and non-warranty repair doesn’t differ. We calculate the cost individually, and it depends on the complexity of the repair. Difficulties with spare parts can arise only in case of maintenance of old sushi-robots and kaiten conveyors of the 1990s-2000s.
    If the guide rails of your kaiten conveyor have erased because of increased friction caused by bad cleaning — our engineer can arrive and update your kaiten conveyor. For this purpose, we need the drawing to calculate the quantity and sizes of required materials.
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