Calculation request for the cost of kaiten for your draft

Calculation of the cost of kaiten conveyor, slider - classic, water, on boat, express, magnetic

1. Our recommendations based on the practical experience of clients:

Our recommendations regarding the selection of kaiten sushi conveyor

2. Recommended sizes of seats:

seating of people (clients), kaiten sushi conveyor, slider - classic, magnetic, water, boat, express

3. We can produce almost any variant of kaiten conveyors:

Form of kaiten sushi conveyor - UForm of kaiten sushi conveyor - XForm of kaiten sushi conveyor - OForm of kaiten sushi conveyor - I
Form of kaiten sushi conveyor - ZForm of kaiten sushi conveyor - AForm of kaiten sushi conveyor - EForm of kaiten sushi conveyor - T

4. A sample plan of the order of kaiten-conveyor:

1.Looking for place for the restaurant. 
2.Sending us a plan of restaurant with variants of a desirable type and location of kaiten conveyor. 
3.Location planning and a selection of suitable conveyor modifications. Making recommendations for the restaurant owner. Calculating the estimates for the approved draft.1 week
4.Selection by the client of the future kaiten design. 
5.Final approval of the project cost, corrections. 
6.Document signing. 
7.Payment by the client of 70-100% of the sum. 
8.Production, assembly at factory, testing. Possible corrections in design of kaiten. Packaging. Work complexity of different conveyors in ascending order: classic, magnetic, express, water.2-10 weeks
9.Transportation to the restaurant. Customs clearance (if necessary).1 week
10.Installation of the conveyor and personnel training.1-3 days
11.Completion of general renovation of the premises, recruitment of staff, menu development. 
12.Opening of restaurant!3-year warranty


Price list request