ASM545CE – universal onigiri/nigiri sushi robot

ASM545 onigiri/nigiri sushi robot for making onigiri, rice triangles, sandwiches, makunouchi, nigirimeshi, and omusubi.

We recommend this model of onigiri sushi robot  3-year warranty

Optimal onigiri robot for sushi production or take away. In the case of small modernization of production area — a couple of ASM545 robots does not yield to industrial machines. All standard sizes and types of onigiri / nigiri / rice triangles / rice sandwiches / makunouchi / nigirimeshi / omusubi are available, It's also possible to produce forms on demand.

Made in Japan.

Production capacity: 

Net weight: 
Power supply: 
Power consumption: 

1100-1650 onigiri per hour
2200 nigiri per hour
1375-4400 makunouchi per hour
25 kg
7.5kg of rice
AC230V, 50Hz
80 W

Download a description of ASM545 CEDouble heat-retaining effect - a special coating on the hopper protects the rice and the built-in heating elements keep the sushi rice at a suitable temperature range for a long time.  Non-Teflon: Parts with Teflon coating is not used. No need to worry about delaminating the external coating and harming the equipment or contaminating the food.

This video show the Japanese modification. The overseas models are fully labeled in English.

Sushi robots always work well, without days off or the need to pay a salary

  • Multifunctional nigiri, onigiri, makunouchi, etc.
  • Except various regular forms, it's also possible to order other forms — depending on sizes of client's product.
  • Changing forming elements of ASM545, it is possible to make onigiri, nigiri rice balls, and makunouchi.
  • The machine has a small number of removable parts, and it is convenient in maintenance. Also, this robot does not have Teflon coating, so it liquidates a possibility of delaminating of coating.
  • Using of innovative forming Helical Mold system allows for the production of very soft in structure rice balls.
  • The system of mixing shafts makes onigiri with the correct traditional form.
  • Using of changing form function allows dividing of onigiri, so in this case, you can get mini-onigiri.

Operation manual of ASM545 CE in English:
  ASM545 CE control panel

A robot can form one nigiri (onigiri) on a rotating turntable.
A robot can form one nigiri (onigiri) on a rotating turntable.
The robot can automatically fill the rotating turntable with rice balls (or onigiri).
The robot can automatically fill the rotating turntable with rice balls (or onigiri).
Simple settings of density and rice amount in rice balls.
Simple settings of density and rice amount in rice balls.
The sensor automatically identifies whether rotating turntable is filled with rice balls.
The sensor automatically identifies whether rotating turntable is filled with rice balls.
There are available several types of forming rollers (also available to produce forms on demand).
There are available several types of forming rollers (also available to produce forms on demand).

Onigiri, nigiri, makunouchi - sizes and forms of ASM545 CE

Package for onigiri, wrapping for onigiriPackage for onigiri, wrapping for onigiriAUTEC – special lubricant spray for sushi robotsASA174, hopper cover stand
for onigiri
lubricant spray
hopper cover stand

ASM545 CE scheme


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