ASM730CE – compact shari rice mixer


ASM730 - compact, productive rice mixer

rice types that can be mixed with ASM730 CE

We recommend this model of rice mixer  3-year warranty  Popular model of rice mixer

The most popular shari mixer! Optimal for sushi restaurants, delivery or take away. Freshly boiled rice without lumps, evenly mixed with vinegar and dressing and cooled to the required temperature for 3-5 minutes. Turbo fan, program settings made by electronics, a reservoir for condensate. This model works on the principle — «to put a robot on a table and forget about problems due to human error while cooking rice for sushi».

Made in Japan.

Production capacity: 

Net weight: 
Power supply: 
Power consumption: 

3.6-7.2 kg/cycle
duration of a cycle
is about 3-5 minutes
35 kg
7.2 kg of rice
AC230V, 50/60Hz
200 W

Download a description of ASM730CEStainless SUS304: An alloy of SUS304 is the high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel used for external elements of robots and their bodies. Because of the high resistance to corrosion – special finishing of a surface isn't required. With SUS304 alloy, a machine is very easily cleaned and can be kept clean for a long time.  Special Resin: special resin coating prevents rice from adhering to the robot's body. Resin does not deteriorate with time and has been approved for use in food production. Special materials are used.  Non-Teflon: Parts with Teflon coating is not used. No need to worry about delaminating the external coating and harming the equipment or contaminating the food.

No more problems thanks to shari sushi rice mixer ASM730 CE

At the mixing step, it is possible to add preservatives to rice. Using the proper package and storage temperature — the sale-by date can be extended to 10 days without freezing. Upon purchase of the equipment — we can provide you with technical support and share the successful experiences of our clients.

This video show the Japanese modification. The overseas models are fully labeled in English.

Los robots sushi siempre trabajan bien, sin días libres y sin necesidad de pagar un salario

  • Ideal for sushi restaurants, sushi delivery.
  • This robot easily copes with peak loads when there are lots of orders (holidays/weekends).
  • A highly effective machine for cooking sushi rice is similar in functionality to ASM780. Can be used on a working surface of 70 cm wide.
  • The weight of the drum is considerably reduced, so it is possible to lift it easily out for cleaning. The drum is made of a high-quality resin material that has considerably simplified its ability to be cleaned — it can be washed directly in a sink.
  • ASM730 uses a new method of mixing rice with ingredients. The new method is perfect when preparing Japanese style rice (for this purpose it is necessary to adjust only mixing time).
  • The machine interrupts work if the hopper lid is opened.

Operation manual of ASM730 CE in English:

Lightweight lid protects rice from the dust during the mixing and removes steam.
Lightweight lid protects rice from the dust during the mixing and removes steam.
You can save 4 programs with your mixing settings.
You can save 4 programs with your mixing settings.
Special filter cleans the air entering to the rice.
Special filter cleans the air entering to the rice.
The new method of mixing is intended to keep the rice from damage. Regulation of temperature air by turbofan.
The new method of mixing is intended to keep the rice from damage. Regulation of temperature air by turbofan.
Special antibacterial coating, no Teflon.
Special antibacterial coating, no Teflon.
The weight of the drum is just 3.5kg. It is possible to lift it easily out for cleaning. Easier than ever before.
The weight of the drum is just 3.5kg. It is possible to lift it easily out for cleaning. Easier than ever before.


ASM730 CE scheme




What shari sushi
rice mixer to choose?

ASM730 CE comparisonASM780 CE comparison
Name of model ASM730 CE shari mixer ASM780 CE shari mixer
Production capacity 3.6-7.2 kg/cycle
 cycle — 3-5 minutes
 7-14 kg/cycle
 cycle — 3-5 minutes
Dimensions 488x692x592mm 598x743x989mm
Weight 35 kg. 47 kg.
Capacity 7.2 kg of rice 14 kg of rice
Power consumption 200 W 200 W
Distinctive features- it remembers settings
- 4 programmable settings
- special coating of the drum
- lightweight drum
- USB updating
- it remembers settings
- 4 programmable settings
- special coating of the drum
- lightweight drum
- USB updating
Our recommendations- it is recommended for sushi deliveries, restaurants or take away
- the most reasonable price, the most popular shari sushi rice mixer
- it is recommended for big sushi deliveries, restaurants or food productions


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