Professional gas rice cookers

Professional gas rice cooker Fujimak
1-2-3 sections. Professional gas rice cooker Fujimak 

Cook any type of rice. Various modifications allow for its use in different formats and sizes of sushi businesses. Control the process of cooking with its top of the line microprocessor. Independent control panels of each section. Cooking time is about 15 minutes, a complete cycle is about 30-50 minutes.
Made in Japan

Production capacity: 

Dimensions, weight: 


Gas consumption:

1 deck — 2.8-7 kg / a cycle
2 decks — 2.8-14 kg / a cycle
3 decks — 2.8-21 kg / a cycle
1 deck — 750x710x517mm, 63 kg
2 decks — 750x710x934mm, 125 kg
3 decks — 750x710x1351mm, 188 kg
A — standard
LRHT — with withdrawal of the excess heat
T — with a special timer
NC — steel with sodium adding,
the increased resistance to corrosion
1 deck — 0.83kg/h
2 decks — 1.67kg/h
3 decks — 2.5kg/h

Download a description of gas rice cooker FujimakStainless SUS304: An alloy of SUS304 is the high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel used for external elements of robots and their bodies. Because of the high resistance to corrosion – special finishing of a surface isn't required. With SUS304 alloy, a machine is very easily cleaned and can be kept clean for a long time.
  • When cooked in the rice pan, slightly increased vapor pressure allows for a strong layer of polymerized gluten. This surface prevents excessive glutinosity of ready-made rice.
  • The cooked rice is ideal for sushi and provides the same tastes as traditionally-made sushi from the land of the rising sun.
  • Japanese quality.

Automatic control of a vapor pressure and temperature at all stages of cooking.
Automatic control of a vapor pressure and temperature at all stages of cooking.
Front cover transforms into a comfortable safe surface with an area for the rice pan.
Front cover transforms into a comfortable safe surface with an area for the rice pan.
Rice cooker is optimized for fast and convenient use during continuous work.
Rice cooker is optimized for fast and convenient use during continuous work.
Touch control is protected from dirt.
Touch control is protected from dirt.
Gas burner is made of a special alloy for constant loads of heating / cooling cycles.
Gas burner is made of a special alloy for constant loads of heating / cooling cycles.
Convenient handles lock onto the rice pan.
Convenient handles lock onto the rice pan.

Scheme of automatic gas rice cooker





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Fujimak Electric Auto Rice Cooker comparisonFujimak Gas Auto Rice Cooker comparison
Name of modelProfessional electric rice cookerProfessional gas rice cooker
Production capacity 1 deck — 2.8-5 kg / a cycle
 2 decks — 2.8-10 kg / a cycle
 3 decks — 2.8-15 kg / a cycle
 1 deck — 2.8-7 kg / a cycle
 2 decks — 2.8-14 kg / a cycle
 3 decks — 2.8-21 kg / a cycle
Dimensions, weight 1 — 750x600x517mm, 60 kg
 2 — 750x600x934mm, 120 kg
 3 — 750x600x1351mm, 180 kg
 1 — 750x710x517mm, 63 kg
 2 — 750x710x934mm, 125 kg
 3 — 750x710x1351mm, 188 kg
Power consumption 1 deck — 5.4kW
 2 decks — 10.8kW
 3 decks — 16.2kW
 1 deck — 0.83kg/h
 2 decks — 1.67kg/h
 3 decks — 2.5kg/h
Modifications A — standard
 T — with a special timer
 NC — steel with sodium adding, the increased resistance to corrosion
  LRHT — with withdrawal of the excess heat

- Recommended for different formats: sushi deliveries, restaurants or take away
- Optimal for professionals in case of high loads in a kitchen


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