ASM250CE – universal electric maki cutter

ASM250 maki sushi cutter for cutting rolls into 6/8/10 pieces

Rolls with rice outside/inside that can be cut with ASM250Ce cutter

Popular model of maki sushi cutter  3-year warranty

The most popular maki cutter! Optimal for sushi restaurant, delivery or take away. This model has kept the best elements of predecessors — «Put a cutter on the table and forget about problems of cutting rolls, hygiene, and qualification of personnel.» It cuts rolls of all sizes and types, including rolls with nori inside — California/Philadelphia rolls.

Made in Japan.

Production capacity: 

Net weight: 
Cutting sizes: 

Cutting width: 

Power supply: 
Power consumption: 

max 600 rolls/hour
on average 450 rolls/hour
18 kg
diameter of a roll — 25x25 — 50x50 (mm)
for 4,6,8 pieces — 180-185mm
for 10 pieces — 200-205mm
cutting into 4 pieces — 45 mm
cutting into 6 pieces — 30 mm
cutting into 8 pieces — 22,5mm
cutting into 10 pieces — 20 mm
AC100-230V 50/60Hz
40 W

Download a description of ASM250CESpecial Resin: special resin coating prevents rice from adhering to the robot's body. Resin does not deteriorate with time and has been approved for use in food production. Special materials are used.  Non-Teflon: Parts with Teflon coating is not used. No need to worry about delaminating the external coating and harming the equipment or contaminating the food.

This video show the Japanese modification. The overseas models are fully labeled in English.

Sushi robots always work well, without days off or the need to pay a salary

  • Optimal choice for big restaurants, sushi delivery or food production.
  • This robot easily copes with peak loads when there are lots of orders (holidays/weekends).
  • The cut roll moves to the special tray, and the cutting base automatically returns to its starting position.
  • There is a system for protecting the operator's hands — it's only possible to start operation with the press two buttons by two hands at the same time.
  • The special resin coating does not allow rice to adhere to the robot's body, that's why there are no difficulties while cleaning, assembling, and disassembling of a machine.
  • There are available sets of blades for cutting rolls into 4, 6, 8 or 10 parts.

Operation manual of ASM250 CE in English:

Additional protection with an emergency stop button.
Additional protection with an emergency stop button.
Universal forms for different types of blades.
Universal forms for different types of blades.
You can only start operation by pressing two buttons with two hands – additional protection.
You can only start operation by pressing two buttons with two hands – additional protection.
A transparent front cover facilitates work.
A transparent front cover facilitates work.
Very easy assembly and disassembly.
Very easy assembly and disassembly.


ASM250 CE scheme





What maki cutter
to choose?

ASM250 comparisonASM230 comparison
Name of model ASM250 CE maki electric cutter ASM230 maki manual cutter

Production capacity

 max. 600 rolls/hour
 on average 450 rolls/hour
 max. 500 rolls/hour
 on average 400rolls/hour
Dimensions 360x292x436mm 445x342x348mm
Weight 18 kg 11 kg
Cutting sizesdiameter of roll 25x25-50x50 (mm)
for 4,6,8 pieces — 180-185
for 10 pieces — 200-205
diameter of roll 25x25-50x50 (mm)
for 6,8 pieces — 180-185
for 10 pieces — 200-205
Power consumption 40 W no
- electric
- safety sensors
- a tray with a clamp for rolls
- emergency stop button
- a doubled start button
- there is a pocket for additional blades behind the robot
- easy change of blades
- manual, autonomous
- suitable for catering
- safety locks
- brushes for cleaning blades
- Both of these cutters are suitable for all types of sushi business but, in our opinion, the manual cutter is more easy-to-work with.


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